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Have children's feet examined regularly by a chiropodist.

Foot health begins in childhood. Your child's feet must carry him or her for a lifetime. Your child's life is certain to be happier if you have your child develop strong, healthy feet as he or she grows to maturity.

Observe these rules of good foot health for children:

  • Replace shoes with a larger size as soon as indicated

  • Teach children to "toe straight" when walking. Toeing in or out weakens the feet and throws the entire body out of alignment.

  • When wearing socks or stockings, have them 1/4-inch longer than the longest toe in a standing position. Make sure that stretch hose are properly fitted to the foot.

  • Bathe the feet daily in warm soapy water.

  • Cut toe nails straight across and as long as the toe. Don't bend around the corners.

  • Corns and callouses require professional care because they may be symptoms of a more serious foot condition.

  • Keep children's shoes clean at all times.

  • Provide a good, nutritious diet.

  • Teach children to practice daily hygiene to guard against athlete's foot. Once infection occurs, do not attempt treatment without professional advice.

  • Seek professional care as early as possible for knock knees, bowlegs or pigeon toe. These defects may be the result of faulty feet. Many of such conditions can be corrected if proper care is given in the early stages.